Start Dating tips for men dating men

Dating tips for men dating men

They don’t pick one investment vehicle, throw all of their money into it, and hope for the best.

Put that awesome personality of yours on display in your profile. This article, for example, is too long to keep her attention.

If you’re a boring dude, well, stop being so boring. If this article were my profile, she would have moved on to the next guy by now.

Simply creating a profile won’t guarantee ANY women on the site will see it.

That’s how a good salesman would sell any type of product. Women dig men that have a sense of humor, confidence (not cockiness), and have a little bit of creativity.

Find customers that are interested in your product and then tell them why they should buy. Women are forced to read the same, contrived boring profiles over and over again.

So how do you convince her that you’re a suitable mate? “I love long walks on the beach, playing golf, going to the bars with my friends, and pwning no0bz on my PS3”.

Diversify your online dating portfolio, sell yourself, and start scoring some dates! Take a look at the profiles of different women on your dating site. The best way to get women to initiate contact with you first is by writing a killer profile. All you have to do is comb your hair, dress decent, and smile. I’m always trying to sell myself in a manner that women are receptive to.