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PATIENTS: Between 19 In two cases a vitrectomy was performed. In two children intraocular bleeding resolved completely, three children developed mild to severe amblyopia and two children became blind. CONCLUSIONS: Sudden cerebral symptoms or intraocular bleedings in otherwise healthy young children are suspicious for child abuse. Thus funduscopic examination in mydriasis is obligatory.

Sixty-four (64/75, 85%) children had retinal abnormalities, mostly (53/64, 82%) confluent multiple hemorrhages that were subretinal, intraretinal, and preretinal in 47/64 (74%) and bilateral in 52/64 (81%).

No association was found between anatomic site (left, right, or bilateral) of intracranial and retinal findings (Mc Nemar test kappa = -0.026-0.106) or between any of the intracranial findings mentioned above and the following retinal findings: normal or abnormal retinal examination, multiple ( 1999;5-81.

Augenklinik der Kliniken der Stadt Köln/Merheim, Pädiatrisch-Ophthalmologisches Zentrum, Kinderkrankenhaus der Kliniken der Stadt Köln/Riehl.

INTRODUCTION: Ophthalmological examinations are important in children with suspected shaken baby and/or battered child syndrome.

Violent shaking is a type of child abuse which may cause intracranial hemorrhages combined with retinal and vitreous bleeding.

Fundus bleeding is similar to that in ophthalmological examination is most important to detect fundus bleeding, which, in the absence of birth trauma or any other supportive evidence of external trauma or other diseases, is the leading symptom of the shaken baby syndrome. [Traction retinal detachment, optic atrophy, apallic syndrome after shaking trauma in an infant] [Article in German] Grote A.

Ommaya was able to produce intracranial injury in 19 of the animals, with 11 of them also demonstrating neck injury.